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My Nostalgic Obsessions???

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

...Nostalgic obsessions... that is if there is anything of the sorts. Am I the only one who reminisces so much about the past? I hear a song or I see an old picture and I'm suddenly transported-to the past. It is beginning to weird me out, I'm starting to think I might need some kinda help, counselling or something.

So many things make me nostalgic, not too long ago I was happy about discovering Daria reruns on TV, then was happy to chat with a group of friends about the books and magazines/comics we read back in the day. I even go on amazon to look for old books and read them again. Another strange thing is; I dream about the past a lot and also love TV shows that are based in the past (not like I was around in the 50s or 60's).

I've talked about liking Mad Men, happy its coming back for the 5th season. Love Pan Am despite what the critics say-hope it doesn't get cancelled,  also love Boardwalk Empire, and love to watch Cold Case especially the episodes from the 60's. Old school music is my thing too... as I've mentioned Otis Redding and Nina Simone in a past blogpost.

I have written  a post about my happy trip to Portobello road market, I also remember being too happy about visiting Graceland and Lorraine Motel (Press club school trip) and listening to classic soul and jazz at night in Memphis Tennessee...

I also love to collect old memorabilia and visit vintage and thrift stores...

This is my only consolation though, I just don't reminisce on past memories and wish or think how good life was, because believe me there are some things I don't want to remember from my past or relive ever again. So maybe I just like that old feeling...

So, my conclusion!

Maybe I'm just an old soul...

Below is music from my naija soul brother that reminds me of my childhood, listen and enjoy
Bez- 'That Stupid Song' feat Praiz

*BTW That Stupid Song premieres today at 7PM GMT/9PM CAT 8PM Nigerian Time on BET's 106 & Park

xx L.


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