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Linda Likes Brymo....

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

..... and there is no shame in my game. I Looooove me some Brymo, and if you don't know who Brymo is, I will recap because Alheri has written about him in a past blog.
Brymo (born Ashimi Olawale) is a Nigerian singer, composer, songwriter and recording artist signed to the Chocolate City music label.

Ashimi Olawale was born in 1986, the son of a carpenter father and a petty trading mother. He grew up in the neighbourhood of Okokomaiko in Lagos Nigeria. In 1999, while still attending high school, Brymo wrote his first song, aged just 14.

In 2010 Brymo met Nigerian superstar rapper M.I. Brymo’s talent and unique voice was recognised by Chocolate City, and before long he was signed to the label. While he is yet to release an album with Chocolate City, he has featured on several tracks by other musicians, most notably Oleku by Ice Prince. This hit single gained enourmous airplay and topped most charts in Nigeria.

ARA (Wonders)

On the 18th 0f september 2011 Brymo dropped his 1st single under Chocolate City, called ARA (Wonders)  The song is an up-tempo upbeat song that you just want to keep bopping to. It  is such a happy song and while I have been a fan of Brymo for a while now, I thought he was just a hook master, because he has been featured in many songs like Jesse Jags "I L-O-V-E you which I've talked about In this blog,  “Action Film” by M.I, which I love so much and  “Attention” by 2-Shotz  which I also like.
So when I heard ARA I was so excited! It meant Brymo was actually going to have his own single and I have first hand knowledge of subsequent songs that will also be released soon- looking forward to it.  
 'Ara' was the track song used on the catwalk for MAALI's Fashion's Finest Fashion Show during the London Fashion Week.
Listen to the song below:

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