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African Soul-World Music...Baaba Maal Part 3

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Baaba Maal (born November 12, 1953) is a Senegalese singer and guitarist born in Podor, on the Senegal River. In addition to acoustic guitar, he also plays percussion. He has released several albums, both for independent and major labels.

Baaba sings primarily in Pulaar and is the foremost promoter of the traditions of the Pulaar-Fula language speaking peoples who live on either side of the Senegal River in the ancient Senegalese kingdom of Futa Tooro.
In 1998, Mal recorded "Bess, You Is My Woman Now" for the Red Hot Organization’s compilation album Red Hot + Rhapsody a tribute to George Gershwin which raised money for various charities devoted to increasing AIDS awareness and fighting the disease.In 2002, Maal again worked with the Red Hot Organization and appeared on a track titled "No Agreement" along side Res, Tony Allen, Ray Lema, Positive Black Soul and Archie Shepp for the tribute album to Fela Kuti,Red Hot + Riot.
He also featured on two tracks "Hunger" and "Still" on the Black Hawk Down (film) soundtrack.
Listen to 'Television' below and watch the video-nice and colourful.
Baaba Maal 'Television'

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