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Linda's dreams are coming true... The Mos Def Experience + Vintage Look Day V

Saturday, 14 May 2011

OK! it wasn't just Mos Def that performed, and since De la Soul decided not to show up, I will start with Rakim... Rakim is a rapper who is widely regarded as one of the most influential and most skilled emcees of all time. Rakim stated "he had not been in the UK for over 8 years (due to bad experiences with flying) so he decided to get aboard the Queen Mary boat for like 8 days and was glad he did, because of the wonderful reception he received, at this side of the pond."
He sampled from his old album-'Paid in full' and new music from the 2009 album-'The seventh seal'. His laid back rap style was infectious, showing it wasn't about jumping, shouting or the bling... or the money, but about socially conscious rapping.

After we waited for like an hour, kinda got tired...my man (Mos Def) suddenly appeared and I almost passed out, like literally almost fell down...I could feel my knees giving up on me. You know the whole Micheal Jackson, what you see on TV kinda thing like the screaming- please spit- in my mouth- kinda- feeling. OK just exaggerating but it was an out of body experience for me, tears were rolling and I just couldn't believe I was that close to my fantasy. Before anyone thinks I'm crazy. In this world there are about 2 or 3 celebs I would do that with and it means even if I see lets say Jay Z, I would just walk past (hehe) anyways the other person would have been Tupac. I'm one of those people that still think he is alive somewhere waiting for me...and then I have to like a Naija celeb right! Those that know me, know It's 9ice, if anyone knows how I can meet him let me know.

OK! Rambled and veered off a bit, back to the music and maybe touch a little bit on Talib Kweli, kept forgetting he was there. Just kept my focus on Mos Def with a big smile permanently plastered on my face. They sure did not disappoint. They rapped and sang most songs from their Blackstar days, and also individually with Mos Def sampling from 'Black on Both Sides' and highlight for me was 'The Definition'  and the reprise 'RE: DEFinition' from the Black Star album. At the end, the crowd kept screaming and chanting for more (an encore) but I guess we had gotten our money's worth and it was time to go... and really, let's face it time had already gone after the one hour wait.

Oh lastly, before I forget, I have to talk about their dress sense-  Firstly, cool looking black and red old style Microphones. Talib looked nice in a black shirt, black waist coat and a matching black cap, while Mos Def had a Black jacket too with a cap but took it off to reveal a white short sleeve shirt with black straight legged trousers and multicolored socks with black/white shoes ... not the baggy clothes, 'sagging pants' that characterize present day gansta rap and hip hop, and that just made me realize, why I love conscious rappers... love old school hip hop... and did I mention how I absolutely loooooooove Mos Def!
Pictures below


 Mos Def and Talib Kweli

 Love this

 Mos Def

 My Vintage Look V

Scarf-Portobello Rd Mkt, Top-Nigerian Mkt, Bottoms-Zara

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