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So We Are Finally Back From Summer...

Saturday, 27 October 2012

 ....and the lack of posting does not mean we have not been engaged in a lot of activities. Contrary to that thought we have been quite busy. Maali in collaboration with our friend Bariats Brushstrokez Makeover had the annual sales party at the Maali store in Abuja about two months ago (pictures will be posted below).

I (Alheri) resumed school and have a pretty intense semester as it shall be my last. I am taking a couple of hard courses, as well as my project which deals with Dimensionality Reduction (yea, I know... the link is for those who are interested in finding out what it is). Linda on the other hand has been busy with other major projects which cannot be disclosed now. By the way my birthday is this Sunday so watch this space for posts on that. View pictures from the Maali sales event below. Be Blessed! xx.A

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