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Maali (The Market Experience)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Following the success of  'how Bizaar' at Leeds market, We decided to test our ideas further by opening a shop at Kirkgate Market. We will let you know how the experience goes... as the week progresses. Our Neighbours are lovely. On our right is a pastor who runs a hearing aid shop with his son and to our left is a T-shirt printer who made a promotional Maali T for me for free... Yeaaay. Facing us is a herberdashery shop. Thats all for now folks... but to know more about our daily activities you can follow me on twitter @florasmilelyn      
Stay Maali (Blessed)
Pics of some parts of the store

 Work in Progress

 Still work in progress...

 Still trying to decide what goes where...

 Will get there eventually...


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