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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

We have always been fascinated by the colourful dressing of the Fulani people. They set their own standards, they push boundaries.
Maali presents ‘The Beyond Fashion' Look book: a ready to wear mens and womens wear (Fulani inspired) collection.

We created what we want to wear, for people like us that are not afraid to take risks, or to mix our clothes (Maali) with vintage/second hand clothing, high street clothes or any other designer brands out there. 

The Men's wear can be worn as separates. The tops can be worn with jeans, while the bottoms can be worn with shirts ranging from t-shirts to a white crisp shirt.

The women's wear reflects the colours of the season and flowery prints which can be worn with or without tights and socks.

A particular theme that runs through the collection, is the broken glass which is synonymous with the Fulani's love for mirrors as well as the bright colourful accessories and make up they use to beautify themselves.

We care so much about seeing our designs on the streets. That is what we hope to achieve. 

We are a street brand for the youth, representing the quirky- eccentric boy or gal who is not afraid to think outside the box, who is not afraid to defy fashion like the Fulani people- because “the truly fashionable are beyond fashion” -Cecil Beaton.

Introducing 'The Beyond Fashion' Look Book

Inspiration: Fulani of Nigeria
Where: Umbrella Studios, Leeds
Make-Up- Ruth
Stylist- Linda

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