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Icons Of A Metropolis- Ade Adekola

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ade Adekola is a Nigerian Photographer and Conceptual Artist who takes a really close look at the people of Lagos. The photos capture the streets of  Lagos, a metropolis in Nigeria. He chose 20 character Icons to represent the Metropolis in a collection of Montages called The Icons of a Metropolis.

The Characters range from a Cart Pusher to the Challenger and Praise Crier. These are real, everyday people on the streets of Lagos that live daily lives trying to survive, we see them everyday, but have a complete disregard for them like the thirst quencher who sells 'Pure Water' packs of packeted water to people on the streets of Lagos, or the water peddler that carries gallons of water/goods for people from the market to their cars or houses, and also the 'Okada Man' also an easy means of transportation for the masses around Lagos. All these, come together to make up the true story of the streets of the Lagos Metropolis and Ade Adekoya has done a good job of conceptualising this in this Montage. Really captivating and inspiring piece of work.

The Opportunist

The Thirst Quencher

The Prayer Warriors

The Cart Pusher

The Praise Crier

Traffic Policeman

The Okada

The Challenger 

To see more of his work go to his website here


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