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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

This past week was eventful... Our items are almost sold out so we have to restock, really good start for us. We thank everyone who has visited the stall, bought and supported in one way or the other. Keep buying and you will be blessed! and remember! because we are a social responsibility company, part of our profits go to charity...We also want to apologise to our plus sized customers. We have taken note and when we restock, we will strive to accommodate and provide to the needs of our customers in this category. Thanks once again and keep buying Maali... giving Maali... and living Maali...

Below are few pictures of Alheri wearing Maali during the week! Big props to her for living Maali...

Maali red n yellow multicoloured rara skirt

Playing a game of foosball

Maali Tie back short skirt

Alheri @ our church breakfast meeting

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