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A lil bit of the Spring Fling

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

SSSSSPPPRRRIIIINGG FFLLIIIING!!!! Spring Fling was fun. All the dorms in my school had to come out and show their various talents in front of a panel of judges, and the winner got a certain sum of money. My dorm, DD decided to get all the creative people together, with their different talents. 

So we came up with cheer-leading outfits for cheerleaders (I was one...), the jasmine girls, and everyone else had to wear pink and black as it was the color given to us. We also had a queen... so we came out and danced for them....Generally, I think we should have won but we came second and the reason given to us was that we were not there on time...(yea rite..).. anyways I only have a few pics of the queen, Kwado, Oby, Tinam, and me...

Queen Bisola

Oby and Tinam

Miss Kwado



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