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Monday, 30 May 2011

In between running to class, taking pop quizzes and ...trying to grab some lunch at the cafeteria.. I still had time to (wink wink) take some pictures. Staying for summer school, and since there aren't that many people around we had to change rooms, reorganize our stuff and 'room' with entirely different people.

So inorder to bring some sanity into our lives, we go to some suya (Nigerian kebab-like meat) spot in town- in the evenings and sometimes to the clubhouse to swim and unwind... but In spite of the tremendous heat in Yola and some other inconveniences, we choose to be positive and happy. I am loving my life, loving my school (the vibe)... love my friends (they are the best)...  also have to say- my friends are so stylish, each have got their individual style... and finally did I say I love my life... oops ok I think I did already...

So these are random pictures of us taken from our phones... in front of the vintage beetle black car, at the pool... etcetera...

Lucy (or Ukky) and I (on our way for community service)

Oma and I

The black beetle

 Kunle and I..(one of the most stylish people I know)

 After we just got our hair did...

My friends!!! (roommates since the very beginning)

Love his style too

Kwado and I on our way to church..(she copied me)

Amina and I(Mini Sax)...After Church

Kwado and I (random hot day)

Vikki...she's so pretty


Kwado's Bday (can you guess which one I am?)

Mini Sax!! (Love this pic)

Mini Sax and I on our way to breakfast

My bed....(looks a bit messy..dyu see my Chuck??)

My lil picture board...(and my scorpion..yes its real)

Oma and Chee (at the pool)

Me at the pool

I am style Maali T-shirt

Oma with Maali Naija Rox tee


Different look for me

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