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Yesterday at Salamander Cafe...

Friday, 22 April 2011

 ...was spectacular. I had fun last night as I listened to various artistes sing. Frank the Tenor belting out 'Time to Say Goodbye' -masterpiece of Italian singer Andrea Bocelli. Lindsey also, lovely voice. Age Beeka singing his old and new songs while we sang and danced along with him, and finally Deji Williams a Paris-based Nigerian singer sang many of his songs- even one in French "ooh la la" and we all joined him in singing Tracy Chapman's 'Talking about a revolution'  All in all it was a good night...

 Lydia (of TARUWA) Host

 Age Beeka performing

 Chocolate City




Deji Williams singing

Amina (Tea) of Tir Quain Connects

Yours Truly (Linda)

Tea and Linda

Sephiny Smart (Smart Sistas)

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