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Maali in How Bizaar!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Maali is pleased to announce that we r already displaying and selling our products @ how Bizaar! Kirkgate Market leeds: With over 600 stalls this is Europe's largest indoor market, around 250,000 people visit the market every week, and Micheal Marks opened his 'Penny Bazaar' in 1884 in the open air market here, which ultimately led to the foundation of Marks n Spencer in 1890, if u are in the area come pay us a visit @ units 147/148, 1976 Market Hall within Kirkgate market, row A. The nearest entrance is via New York street.

Our experiences so far...
This first week we made an impressive sale... yay! Looking forward to next week... Will be updating you on our weekly activities...

 sold out

 Multicoloured dungaree- 12GBP

 Kid Kaftan 15GBP

 Dresses- 12GBP

 Scarfs 3GBP

 Bags 12GBP

Male Kaftan 30GBP

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