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London Calling... (Part 1) Portobello Rd Market

Monday, 28 February 2011

Phew! Had maaaaaaaad fun in London. It was a rushed day though and kept wishing I had woken up earlier. I slept late, so when the morning came I was too lazy to wake up, and when I finally did, it was almost midday. And then my adventure began... first stop- Portobello Road Market, it started out as a rainy day but the rain eventually fizzled out and then the fun began. As I hopped from one vintage store to another I kept asking myself why I had never been here before? I was like a kid in a candy store. I was soooooo excited, I had to calm down and take it all in, so I started with the tiny bits like vintage fridge magnets, then moved on to postcards, and then stumbled upon my dream bag. Been wanting a tan bag for soooo long and then I get a sling/tan bag (two bags in one) yippee to that.

Tan Sling bag

 Fridge magnets

Vintage Postcards

OK! then found some lovely vintage ear rings and then I hopped on, saw a nice lacy vintage top but it was like five sizes too small, and then some vintage American shoe from the 50's also a size 5, moving on....some of the stuff were really expensive on the main street, but I have an eye for bargains and I know where to look most of the time. So I kept walking, then at the far end when I was almost giving up, I found my spot... hmmmmm sweet, so I got me two lovely dresses and a playsuit for the spring/summer and a scarf to go with my bag. First dress, proper Mad men looking dress with slim shoulder pads, don't like shoulder pads but will keep these...and then... the playsuit is a vintage 70's or 80's Hawaiian floral print playsuit for spring; will be rocking it soon.

My mad men style dress

on the street

Moi at the famous Portobello Rd sign-Tourist??

Next Blog Post will be about the London Fashion Weekend- Promise!!!
Sidenote*  ...and has anyone noticed a change in camera? Its now a modest Canon 1000d, excited!

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