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Maali Giving... Fashion Show for Charity...and design/style circa 1960

Monday, 23 May 2011

So what did I do for my birthday? Right! I was asked if Maali could participate in a charity fashion show and I jumped at the idea. The show was tagged  'The emancipation Fashion Show' for the Charities- Hope for Justice and Employment Promotion Center (EPC)-DRC.

Hope for Justice- long term vision is to bring about the end of slavery...to stamp it out for good, by seeking a lasting solution to the problem of human trafficking. Their aim is to make the UK uninhabitable for traffickers... and rescue victims from the abuse of human trafficking and to assist in the protection and rehabilitation of victims. To know more about Hope for Justice or donate to the cause, go to their website @ http://hopeforjustice.org.uk/about-hope-for-justice/

Employment Promotion Centre (EPC) -DRC-is a small organisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their aim is to create and provide jobs to the local community and raise the intellectual capability for essential skills to compete in the labour market. At the moment the organisation has only four computers and in need of more for free training to students and teachers. Conflict is one of the causes of poverty in the Congo.

We just opened a new shop so it was a good way to help... and also show some of  our new designs and what we had on offer. These designs are reminiscent of the early 60's and late 60's era where the style changed from '60s ladylike dressing (think Mad Men) that trickled down from the late 1950s- to the kaftan's that influenced the free-spirit and the hippy culture/movement of that period.

The Brownish/yellowish dress has the look of proper, prim styling and cinching in the waist- à la 'Betty Draper'

Then the brown dress with a jacket is reminiscent of the modest look of the office secretary, while the brown skirt is modernised by making it short/above the knee - think 'Peggy Olsen'

The blue- Straight cut dress for the sexy office secretary think 'Joan Holloway'-  The Office Bombshell

Black/red shorts with tank top (modern)-The bombshell

Finally, The Kaftan is evocative of the late 60's hippy movement were it could range from short to long...

Watch this space... for our next collection- inspired by the Fulani of Nigeria. We are excited about working with a Leeds based photographer for a photo shoot in the coming month...

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