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Alheri's Style Evolution...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Just looking through my pictures and noticed Alheri's style. Her look has evolved in the past year so I will like to take you through a journey of her many interesting looks. Big ups to Alheri for Living Maali too *wink* What do you all think?

Black pleated dress goes with her bobbed fringe

Maali Pink Chiffon Blouse

goes retro revival with this polka dot dress

Matches Maali Tee with a Blazer

Maali Fulani style top

 Belted Maali Rara skirt

 LBD with a huge DIY brooch

Jumpsuit (front)

 Jumpsuit with cropped Jacket (Back)

 Lazy day look

 Patched Maali tube dress

 Maali short dress (front)


Maali Cropped print pants

Christmas Day '11

She goes really retro here

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