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Alheri's Take on Taylor Momsen.....Making the right decisions or not?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

I believe myself to be the biggest fan of Gossip Girl (GG). If you don't watch GG, consider yourself lucky as you have 4 whole seasons and 4 extra episodes in the 5th season of  the exciting Upper East Side drama, fashion and fun. Now Taylor Momsen was a star in the first 4 seasons but decided to leave in order to pursue her musical career.

A lil' About Taylor:
Taylor Momsen was born on  26 July 1993 (which makes her 18). She is an American actress, musician and model who plays Jenny Humphrey on GG and was Cindy Lou in How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carey. When she was fourteen, she signed as a model to IMG models  and was the face for New Look and Madonna's Material Girl fashion line (was eventually dropped). While she was playing Jenny in GG, she was also a part of rock band called The Pretty Reckless with members including herself, Taylor Momsen (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ben Phillips (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mark Damon (bass) and Jamie Perkins (drums). On August 16 this year, she told Elle Magazine that she was leaving the show to focus on her musical career (The Pretty reckless just recently signed with Interscope records). I miss her already because she really spiced up the GG with a lot of drama and she was an upcoming fashion designer.

Do you think that it was a smart decision for her to leave GG with all the the success and fame it has brought her? According to The Pretty Reckless website, Taylor's dad took her to a White Stripes (a rock band ) concert  and once she saw the lead singer Jack White, she knew she had to be a rock star. I have listened to a few White Stripes songs and they were awesome (they split in 2011). I have also listened to a few songs by The Pretty Reckless and I must say that Taylor's voice and song writing skills are really good (impressive for her age). The words from the songs are deep and revolve around emotions involving vulnerability and rage.

She has a promising career ahead of her, but is it definite? Also, do you think she is too young to already be involved in the rock star life as the rock star image usually involves a lot of sex, drugs and alcohol? Which do you think is better for her? Is she making the right decisions or not?  Listen to a few of her songs below. I will also post a White Stripes song (my personal favourite). To know more about The Pretty Reckless, visit their website on The Pretty Reckless.

The Pretty Reckless

Light Me Up- The Pretty Reckless

Make Me Wanna Die- The Pretty Reckless

Seven Nation Army- White Stripes

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