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Turn Around and My Home...

Friday, 27 April 2012

And once again from Mobwives, is Turn Around Feat Iva Lamkum-Sola Rosa.
So being listening to a lot of Sola Rosa and Iva Lamkum, never heard of them before really good jazzy  music, made me feel nostalgic about the world music class I took in my freshman days... Sola Rosa's music encompasses the best of Hip hop, reggae, jazz, latin, soul and funk.

Listen to Turn Around Feat Iva Lamkum-Sola Rosa below:

Also was not too surprised to hear our very own talented Naija soul sister Nneka - talked about Nneka before in a past blog post.

Nneka -'My Home'

Nneka-My Home” is about “the plight of Africa,” she explains, in a Studio 360 interview extract “because of our selfish behavior, the selfishness of our corrupt political leaders, the selfishness of Western countries that come and exploit Africa.” But she believes “Nigerians are also beginning to take responsibility for themselves.” To see more, read here Studio 360  

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