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My (Linda's) New Obsession- Boardwalk Empire

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ok! I mourned but, got over Mad Men why oh why was it cancelled? Anyways life goes on, so I kept wondering how I could possibly get over the loss when I discovered Boardwalk Empire. Boardwalk Empire is an American television series from cable network HBO, set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, during the Prohibition era. 

Produced by Terrence Winter (Sopranos) and directed by Martin Scorsese and Mark Wahlberg. It stars Steve Buscemi as Enoch "Nucky" Thompson. I was a bit sceptical about watching it, because I wasn't sure about Steve Buscemi  replacing my 'Don Draper'- also kept having flashbacks of him in Con Air and Armageddon but some how I got into it and I was pleasantly surprised. Nucky Thompson -A politician and a gangster is an interesting or rather fascinating character, that you will feel sorry for at times and then love... he is not overpowering like Tony Soprano but he is a gangster al right! Another character that I fell in love with is Margaret Shrouder played by Kelly MacDonald. Ok enough about the show, lets talk about the fashion.

Amazing early twenties fashion with a lot of handcrafted designs and embellishments, flapper dresses and the evening gowns which can be easily worn today, although I think they did a better job with the Men's fashions-from the dapper suits, to the ties and the shoes. 

Pictures of some of the outfits from the show below:

The Pearl and the Head band, and the whole 1920's décor of Embroidery and Lace

The Handcrafted Embellishment on the gown

Forget the Mother and instead focus on the Father's outfit and Son's shoes (Fab)

Will totally rock her top

Margaret Shrouder's gown -Check

Liking the green dress

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