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We have been on hiatus... but now we r back...

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hmmmm where to begin... firstly we displayed and sold our products at the Tuk Ham Festival in Kwoi Nigeria where there were a lot of cultural displays and activities... it was fun... then we opened MAALI Nigeria were we had drinks, canapes and a fashion show introducing MAALI to our customers. Fun all the way too... we've got pictures to show. At the opening we raised a handsome amount of money for the charity we support: The Gweimen Centre in Kwoi Nigeria ; a self sufficiency centre for those living with HIV and AIDs. We will talk more about this charity in the coming days, and set up an account for those interested in donating.

Thanks to everyone who supported during the opening... those who lived Maali...bought Maali, and gave Maali... Be Blessed (Maali)
Below are pics of the Tuk Ham Festival, then the Maali opening...

Alheri selling a bag to a customer

Some Maali bags and Tees at the festival

 The Opening

MC wearing Maali

Maali Fela T

Male models in Maali store

     Maali Fist Tee

Green tie n dye dress

   Maali tutu skirt   

Batik shorts n top

Free me tank top

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