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Brymo Show....

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ok so last friday was so much fun for me...I watched Brymo perform!! Yeay! For those who do not know Brymo, here is a little bio..

Brymo is an upcoming Nigerian artiste who recently got signed to the Chocolate City record label to join M.I, Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince. Brymo released his first single 'Shawty' in 2008 and has been featured on several hot tracks including 'Oleku' by Ice Prince, 'L.O.V.E You' by  Jesse Jagz', 'Action Film' by M.I, and 'Ma Wo Be' by Sasha. 

The show was amazing. You know when you go to a concert or a show and an artiste performs and proves to the crowd  that alot of editing was done on the track....in other words the artiste's voice is not that great. Well Brymo proved that he actually is talented. His voice was amazing and clear and he plays the guitar..A highlight of the show was when he sang 'L.O.V.E You' to a girl in the crowd (one of Linda's fav songs-sure she's Jealous lol) with so much sincerity and passion. The girl couldn't stop smiling. Me being a very huge Brymo fan sang along (word for word) to every song he performed. He ended the show with hit song 'Oleku' (tell me something wey I no fit do....)

If Brymo happens to be performing anywhere close to you, I suggest you go and watch. I promise you won't be disappointed. Below are some pictures of Brymo.. You can play 'Oleku' below..(video is not out yet..)

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