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What I have been up to//Alheri....The Movie Star..

Friday, 6 May 2011

Okay so this might be a bit random  and I've been off for a bit but I'm feeling rather impressed with myself for a recent superstar-ish engagement. I helped my friend Victoria Uwajumogu out with her CMD assignment (Watch  Out for her...she's gonna be the female James Cameron. She was supposed to shoot a video as her final assignment and I was her main actress (yeay!!) 

Now, two lessons to learn from this. First lesson, acting is fun....After I did my first scene (hehe), I felt like I could do anything in the world. So lesson 1:You can do anything in this world as long as you are physically and mentally capable. The movie contained a message which warned women from being in relationships with either violent or possibly violent men. It always ends bad. Lesson 2: Women, respect yourselves and do all you can to avoid being abused in anyway.  These are some pics from the shoot.....

Me and the awesome director, Vikki

Victoria Uwajumogu

Director at Work

Me and the camera(hehe)

Also been really busy with school  but still got to go for a fantastic show. Culture Shock was a show put together by a group in my school called Envy. CC Boi M.I had an awesome performance. The cool part of the show was the theme, which was 'A touch of  Trad'. There were lots of creative outfits. I made a brooch for my self (yeay me)!Picture below. 

My dress with the DIY Brooch

Me on my way to the show

Also Backstage pictures of Maali Fashion show @ AUN ....Enjoy

Model getting ready

Make up session

models backstage

models after the show

Whizz Kid

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