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The Gweimen Center: A Self Sufficiency Center for Widows and Orphans of HIV/AIDS

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Maali started in 2009 with a dream; a dream of fashion as a gateway to pursuing our passion and also helping local sewers in Africa. It was also created to increase economic opportunity for women in developing countries and to also provide an avenue for sustainable income, by bringing the designs and clothes to the western market, and in turn selling our T-shirts and other brands in Africa.

Maali also aims to help children and women in Africa by donating a portion of our profits to chosen non-profit organizations; Gweimen Center is one of such organizations.

Consequently, when you purchase any Maali clothing you “bless a child”. 

About the Gweimen Centre

Everyday, 6000 children are orphaned from HIV/AIDS worldwide.

Gweimen, in the Nigerian language of Jaba, in Kaduna State literally means peace and tranquility, shalom, a place of safety and welcome.

The Gweimen Centre resulted from the efforts of a community to provide for the needs of the most vulnerable populations in the path of the AIDS pandemic sweeping Africa: widows and orphans.

In Kwoi, Nigeria, the survival of these children is threatened daily, as they struggle for basic nutrition, education and social acceptance.
For each of these children, there is a family - a widow, a grandmother, an uncle - that struggles to support them without access to adequate employment opportunities, health care and basic resources.

HIV/AIDS, poverty and hunger threaten the lives, the families and the communities of people around the world. In Kwoi, people have joined together to address these challenges in their community and make a difference.

Out of this, the Gweimen Centre was born, a sustainability centre to help widows, orphans, and other community members help themselves through education, health care, economic empowerment and basic necessities.

What You Can do to Help
Buy Maali and a percentage of profits from the sale of Maali products goes to Gweimen Center.

Make a tax deductible donation today and help this community's dream for a better life come true! Your generous contribution will make a difference!  You can bring hope to widows and orphans of HIV/AIDS.

The Gweimen Centre is a tax exempt organization [501 (c) (3)]. They take their responsibility seriously to wisely manage funds, enabling greater help for more people. Ninety-five percent of all donations go directly to the people of the Gweimen Centre.

Please contribute today, online or by mail.
US/UK- www.gweimen.org and click donate or  
Gweimen Centre
P.O. Box 165
La Fox, IL 60147

Nigeria- donate @ Gweimen Centre Ltd/GTE UBA account 0040-011-000045-5

Your donation will provide:
  • 3 meals a day for orphans
  • Training for widows to be able to support their families
  • Healthcare for HIV+ people
  • A community center where people can grow and build hope
To know more about Gweimen Center; go to www.gweimen.org


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