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"Fashion is in the sky, in the street; Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."Coco Chanel

Thursday, 6 January 2011

The way we live...
Happy New year to you all... Its been a year and some.... since we started Maali and we have been blessed and overwhelmed with the support so far. Thanks to everyone who has bought...lived... and given Maali. These are just some pictures of us @ random times living life and wearing maali. Stay Blessed x

Alheri wearing Ghana Print dress on the way to church

Linda @ the Nigerian 50th anniversary celebration

Linda and Alheri (left) wearing Maali women's and men's wear

Alheri in pink Maali vest and tutu skirt

Alheri in Maali T, scarf and purple tutu skirt

White Soul of Africa Maali T

Amina wearing Maali lace dress

Purple African print dress n purple George dress by Maali

Blue dress by Maali

Green short dress by Maali

Pink Dress

Alheri in Cream Maali lace short dress (2nd left)

Amina wearing soul sista Maali T

Kash Money wearingTuk Ham Festival red T

Red skirt @ Leeds Fashion week

Christmas Day Party '09

@American University of Nigeria all wearing Maali

Maali yellow and red rara skirt

Maali Tie Back green skirt

Alheri wearing Maali scarf

Soul Sista Red Top

Brown Soul Sista Top

Family wearing Maali

 Maali White T

Fela Blue T

Male Soul of Africa and Chungai by Nature T

African Print and Aso-oke embelished dress

Black Soul Sista top

White and Green Chungai by Nature T's

Short pink Maali dress with stones

I Love Abuja purple Maali T

Cool Soul Maali T

Maali scarf

Brown Soul Sista Maali T


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