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Day 3.. New World Nigeria Showcase

Monday, 30 July 2012

We did not get to stay to the end of the third day but this last day was the most  musically fulfilling. It included performances by Bez Idakula, Keziah Jones and King Sunny Ade. We came a little bit late (dragging our feet at Portobello Road market) so we missed part of Bez's performance. We managed to watch him perform 'That Stupid Song' (Linda posted the video some time ago, watch Here) and 'Super Sun' (watch live performance Here) both off his Album Super Sun.

Next up was Keziah Jones. It took about an hour (exaggerating a little bit) to set up the stage for his performance. We all started to get impatient but in the end it was the best performance of all. It was well planned, executed and very different. Linda was already familiar with some of his music but I was not, so I did not know what to expect. All in all we were blown away. Keziah Jones....where do I begin (He's the type of artiste you Google to find out more after a live performance)...His music which he calls 'Blue Funk' is a fusion between raw blues elements and hard, edgy funk rhythms was so unexpected. I was in awe of both his style of music and performance. All of the lights moved with the music and then he took off his shirt....(**swoon**, Randomly, he is a 44 year old, hot man) and started to move along with the music. He was an amazing way to end the 3 days. Sadly, we did not get to take pictures with him.We had to leave early and also missed the King Sunny Ade performance.


Keziah Jones Back drop (a little blurry)

Keziah Jones

He had this cool funky way of playing the guitar

and the shirt went off....

Linda, Bez and Alheri

Zel, Linda and Alheri

xx A. 


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