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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I am not very sure about how I feel about this photographer. His work is very intriguing...  The particular shoot that really caught my attention was the "Ethnic" series  which is a collaboration between Denis and the painter and sculptor David Nal-Vad (check out his work..seriously). It leans somewhat on the controversial and blasphemous side. I am still trying to decide if I consider this series ethically right or wrong. I am not sure if  it would be right for me to like it or not. Either ways I am hooked. I keep looking at the pictures in awe because aside all probable controversial meanings and the ideas that are depicted, this work or art is definitely worthy of being called ART.

I wrote a post before about the depreciation of talent in the Arts area. To view  Click Here. Denis Rouvre and David Nal-Vad are living proof of the existence of real talent in the world today and the Ethnics Series has inspired me to try to get back to my drawing board (It is a good thing my blackberry is acting up....so I can be more productive).

Denis Rouvre, 1967, France, is a portrait photographer with a large and impressive portfolio. He has photographed an extensive amount of internationally known celebrities throughout the years, but works on many other series, personal and editorial. These numerous series have been exhibited extensively throughout the world. He has also released several books and monographs. The series Senegalese Wrestling won the second prize in the Sports features stories at World Press Photo in 2010. View some pictures from the Ethnic Series, the Senegalese Wrestling and some of David Nal-Vads work. To view more of Denis Rouvre's work Click Here

Ethnic Series

David Nal-Vad

he definitely has a thing for the cross...

 Senegalese Wrestling



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