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Past Maali Boutique Event (In pictures)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sorry for the delay in posting these pictures. Better late than never I guess! We usually have these events few times during the year where we hang out, eat, drink, buy items and generally have a good time. This time it was bigger and better than the past ones with more people, attending.

Abuja upcoming artistes where there to perform and it was a happy time for those who attended as well as for us because we made a reasonable amount of money *Wide grin*

The event was organised by Kwaghdoo Nyagba, who is studying to be an event coordinator, she was fantastic. Thanks to all who showed up for the event. For upcoming events, check our Facebook page or  twitter-@florasmilelyn. 


Linda, Tirnom, Evelyn (Brushstrokes Makeovers)


Kwadoo and Kemi


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