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Jay Z and Kanye West's OTIS!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Almost everyone knows I’m a massive fan of Otis Redding. I'm sure I mentioned it in a past blog. I listen to his music when I'm depressed, happy, sad -a culmination of emotions really, all the songs touch me in some way or the other so last month or so, I thought I heard a little tenderness on TV and, because I was busy didn't really sit to watch the video. Actually at first I thought it was a throwback show when lo and behold I heard some form of Rap in the midst. First thought that came to my mind was "that's what I’m talking about, “a contemporary twist to an old favourite. But was I right or wrong?

Jay Z and Kanye West sampled an Otis Redding song and while I'm not particularly a big fan of rap songs/videos, I decided to watch this one because of my love for Otis. Now where do I start? The video in its self didn't look that bad considering they would have had more video girls in scantily clad outfits but they didn't. They also looked like they had lots of fun but WTH. I didn't get it at all. And I heard it was supposed to be a tribute to Otis? Huh? And funny enough, the song is called Otis from their 'Watch the Throne' album.

Apart from Otis Redding’s voice which makes the song sound decent I don’t know what else impressed me. I was lost from the beginning to the end. What was the meaning of the song in its entirety...and the video too? I am confused. For those who have seen it and think it has some kind of meaning I will be glad if it can be explained to me. 

*side note* I get the 'we are living large part,' so any deeper meaning will be appreciated.

Anyway watch below and make your judgments.


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