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Monday, 14 February 2011

I'm totally falling in love with all things vintage, all things old and just relieving my childhood memories by looking at pictures from the past...(thank God for the internet) remembering things like Bazooka Joe chewing gum...Brahma Guarana...Green Sands Shandy... and books I used to read while walking down to school like; Pacesetters (some of my favourites were Undesirable Element, Blood bath at lobster close, black temple) and the African writer series that kept my mind occupied as a child/teenager.

So what I have decided to do is order some of these books from Amazon and start reading -with fresh new eyes of course. I've just started reading Jagua Nana which was one of my favourites from Cyprian Ekwensi- who was a Nigerian short story writer and author of Children's Books. Will talk more about the book in another blog post when I finish reading it... Ekwensi was also a contributing writer for the Drum magazine, which is also another magazine from back in the day; which believe it or not I remember perusing because my Dad had back copies of those...

Below are James Barnors photographs- who was also one of the photographers at Drum

Original Bazooka Joe wrapper- before it was changed to comic strips

Can't remember if it was alcoholic or not (remember drinking it though)


Lastly...because I loooooove music, just going to throw this in- Naija music video from back in the day.
Onyeka Onwenu & Sunny Ade-'Wait for me'


joy said...

The bag in picture 3!!!! Super wicked ...Vintage is the new hot!

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