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We like....Deola Sagoe

Friday, 14 January 2011

Deola Sagoe is a Nigerian fashion designer from Ondo State located in the lower western part of Nigeria. She started designing in 1998 and has since gained international recognition for her outstanding designs. Deola Sagoe has given African fashion in the 21st century the most radical expression imaginable, from the deeply rooted African fabrics to perfectly matched accessories. She is  known for constantly fabulous designs, flawless color combination, attention to details and perfect finish and finesse.

Deola Sagoe has also participated in fashion shows in America, Europe and Africa alongside fashion enigmas like Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Chanel and Missoni, and was the unassuming winner of the ‘’African Designs’’ and MNET/Anglo Gold African designs 2000 (nomination by Andre Leon Tally, US Vogue editor ). Her lines have also been modeled in major International beauty pageants, including Miss Universe. To know more visit her on deolasagoe.net.


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